Winter Show 2015: The Voice Awakens

Come see The Voice Awakens at 8pm on Wednesday, December 2nd! It’ll be Out of This World! Ok, it’ll be in Toyon. But the theme is space, so that’s kind of what we’re going for.
Tickets on sale 11-2 Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday in White Plaza. Tickets are also available online, on the World Wide Web!. Click here to buy tickets.

Fleet Street would like to welcome its new members!

We are proud to announce that Liam McGregor ’19, Arjun Sheth ’19, Elliot Shi ’19, Seth Chambers ’19, Aitan Grossman ’19, Nicholas Ogden ’19, Milan Mossé ’19, László Seress, PhD ’20, and Sebastian Green, ’19 are the newest members of Fleet Street! They are all so talented and we look forward to their contributions for many years to come!

Fleet Street Spring Show 2015!

Fleet Street is proud to present Spring Show 2015: The Spring Olympics! Expect daring deeds, emotional underdog victories and inspiring feats of unparalleled athleticism, as countries from all around the campus compete for mastery. Is Fleet Street finally the fittest group on campus? (no) What’s the drama in the Olympic Village? And what will the judges have to say? Find out all this and more, not to mention live skits, music videos, raisins, and a new slate of BRAND-NEW ORIGINAL SONGS!

We’ll be in White Plaza between 11:30am and 1:30pm for you to buy tickets in person – new this year, you’ll be able to pay using a number of methods. In person, you’ll be able to pay using cash, Venom or Square. If you’d like to buy online, click here to purchase using Tixato. See you at the show!

Fleet Street takes the Northeast!

Fleet Street embarks on its Spring Tour to the Northeast tonight! If you’re in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania or DC, you’ll have several opportunities to see the group in the next week. Check out our schedule for the week here. Hope to see you soon!Fleet Street Spring Tour Itinerary